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It’s almost time for our Winter WomanUp festivities! We cannot do this project without your help though! We are dedicating the month of December to women & kids! This year, The WomanUp Network will host its local bike drive for “at risk” schools in the Tampa Bay area. The bikes will be distributed based on family need from school counselor information provided.  We would also like to host a coat drive if funds permit. Aside from our efforts for the children, we would also like to implement a Winter program for women involved in previous domestic violence relationships. It is imperative we impact these women’s lives to ensure they are able to overcome the emotional obstacles that arise from being in such a toxic life. The event will be absolutely free for the ladies and take place over the course of two days. We will provide food, refreshments, guest speakers, giveaways, community referrals, and make sure each lady has an active counselor/mentor to help them on their road to recovery.

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