Time for TEA

This Sunday was WomanUp’s annual Time for Tea (Talk, Empowerment, Affirmation) Tea Party + Brunch. Our tribe came all the way through and delivered true EMPOWERMENT! There is such a strong importance of pouring into each other. This past year has taught me more about life than in all my years. By far the greatest lesson has been the importance of SISTERHOOD (a reflection of today) BUT I would also like to share what I’ve learned this past year… Ready?

1. Life is NOW – Live it

2. Fear is an illusion -let nothing hold you back

3. REAL friends are important – In your darkest hour, they will rescue you

4. Fun is underrated – Go have some

5. Failure is good – the greatest lessons are learned here.

6. Anger isn’t worth it – Let things go

7. Kindness matters -someone needs what you have

8. Vulnerability heals – Free yourself

9. Grudges cause pain – Forgive for you

10. Travel expands you – It’s a whole new world outside your bubble

11. Passion upgrades life – Do it with everything in you

12. You’re not always right – apologize

13. It will pass – Even heartbreak

14. You define purpose – Create yours

15. Change is good – embrace it

16. Thoughts aren’t real – actions are

17. You can’t control others – wish them well

18. Your body is a temple – treat it as such

19. You can handle it – god never gives us more than we can bare

20. Gratitude equals Happiness – blessings

21. Put yourself FIRST – You’re the only one guaranteed to you in life

22. Serving others creates meaning – Change the world

23. Constantly learn – read, listen

24. Heal your wounds – if you don’t you’ll repeat cycles

25. Worry is worthless – have faith

26. Simple is better -small things have big value

27. Work hard – it pays off

28. It’s never too late – to start or stop

29. Make everyday count – you never know when it’s your last

30. WomanUp – it’s a lifestyle

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