Whats your purpose?

purposeI never write anything before I go into an event (unless it’s a class or seminar where I have to teach something). I think it’s fake. What’s truly in your heart should flow out. This may be the reason I usually end up crying at events and holding up everyone’s program. I want people to have the authentic Aisha though.

I was at an event for teen moms a few months back that a friend asked me to come speak at. I got this feeling to start talking about purpose. What came out next moved the whole room including the adults there. “Never chase the money, chase your passion. The money will come on its own as long as you follow your purpose”. I didn’t know the effect it really had on everyone including myself until I replayed a video someone had of me recorded from the event saying it. I think we all get wrapped up in the hype of wanting to make money that we forget about doing the things we love. We forget about what it is that makes us happy.

If you would’ve told me years ago I would’ve been a public speaker, I would have laughed. There would’ve been no way I would’ve ever seen myself standing in front of hundreds of people telling not only my story but encouraging women everywhere to “WomanUp”. God had other plans though.

My mom said she always thought I was going to be a pastor growing up. She said I would walk around the house with the Bible in my hand preaching Bible stories, and how everyone needed to do right in life. When I look back on it now, it was if God was getting me prepared as a little girl to do exactly what it is I do now. Maybe not preach the gospel but speak comfortably to people about the path to success.

No matter what I’ve ever done in life, there has been no feeling to compare to the tingling I get when I touch the microphone. There is no feeling compared to when I look in the eyes of women who shared the same struggles as I. There is no feeling compared to when someone emails me or direct messages me that something I said or did changed their life. No feeling at all.

We each have a calling inside of us to do something great. Something to change the world. Something that when you do it, it gives you gratification unlike you ever felt. If you’re unsure what yours is, do this brief task. Get a piece of paper. Write at the top “what is my purpose”. Write down any and everything you can think of that moves you, inspires you, or motivates you. When you reach the one that makes you cry, that is your purpose. That is what you’ve been put here to do, accomplish, and change the world with. Find what it is and go do it. Then go change the world.


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