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I posted a video last week about wanting to start a hair care line. This young lady commented asking about the product because of cancer, she is afraid of hair loss. Instead of just exchanging Instagram messages, I thought it was more important to extend my hand and become a big sister. So I gassed up the car and went on a road trip to see her!

WomanUp isn’t just about seminars and events, it’s more so a lifestyle. Making sure when we’re UP, we take the next woman with us. Sisterhood. Blood may not bind us but purpose FOREVER will. So many of us do these empowerment events and after the event ends, so does our work. To me, that isn’t real. Empowerment is a daily routine. If we’re strengthening our communities, we shouldn’t be limited to doing only events!

If you guys can, PLEASE send Nana some kind words of encouragement to help her face this battle. This is a post where she is already calling herself ugly without her battle even being started. She can be found on IG @nana_boss. A few encouraging words go a long way!

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