The importance of good friends

The older I get, the older I realize the importance of good friends. Not the ones you gossip with, but the ones you can pray with. The ones who encourage, inspire and empower. The ones who are so accomplished that they push you to become even more accomplished. The Motivators. There is a meme on social media that says “Sit with winners, I bet the conversation is different”. That statement alone speaks volumes. I put my own twist on it though. “Get yourself some good friends, they will help you accomplish all of your goals.” What I’ve learned this past year is that your tribe of friends has the ability to make or break you. For years I surrounded myself with the wrong type of people. The negative, the weak, the uninspired. That’s the mind frame I developed as well. As soon as I removed myself out of that equation and sat at a table of winners, doers, goal-getters, BOOM life changed. I was being pushed by my circle, motivated by my circle, encouraged by my circle and here I am today. Not yet where I want to be BUT far, far from where I used to be. If you want to succeed at life, one of the first steps is to look around and check your circle. See who you are trusting to have your “back”. Half the time they are their own worst enemy and if they don’t care about their own future, do you really think they care about yours?    

-As Blogged by Andrea F.

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