Its the most wonderful time of the Year!

Many view the holidays as the best time of the year. Time for gift giving, big dinners, and holiday cheer. I, however, label it as the best time if the year because I use this time to reflect on self-improvement. The bad decisions I’ve made, the good decisions I’ve made but most of all the baggage I don’t want to carry with me into the next year. You see, we all accumulate negative connections throughout our year. It may be a new boyfriend, a new friendship, a new job, etc. but they’re definitely there. I’m not too much for “new year, new me” because it becomes a new year and we’re often times still the same and doing the same thing but this year I challenge each of you to this, make a list in your quiet time of everything you would like to accomplish and then on the opposite side of that same paper, make a list of who can help you with those goals. Anyone that cant directly help you achieve or accomplish anything, leave them in 2017. Anyone that doesn’t encourage, inspire or support you definitely needs to be left behind. Not to say you cant ever have any interaction with them again but realize what your focus needs to be on. YOU. Use these next few weeks to figure out what you really want out of 2018. Get a plan, a vision board and let nothing keep you from your goals. 2018 is YOUR year and let nothing get in the way of that. 

As blogged by Andrea F.

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