Be Inspired, but NEVER Copy

I did a short video on my page a few weeks ago regarding this very topic. While the majority did agree with me, there was an outrage by so many. My favorite rebuttal was “What what if Rihanna would’ve believed that and not launched her makeup line?”. I shook my head each time in disbelief. I’m convinced most of our population doesn’t read to comprehend but instead, we read to offer rebuttals. Rihanna did NOT copy. She was inspired by the makeup industry and did her own thing. She created makeup shades for melaninated skin. She was inspired but didn’t copy. I pride myself on being a brand ambassador. I look at so many companies who ask me to wear their brands and or products and so many of them offer the exact same things. I have started to know who will easily prosper and who will have more of a hard time with their products simply by what they offer or how they market. If 50 other people sell hair in your market, what will make you different if you all sell the same types of hair? Your marketing tactics. Market in a way no one else is. That’s what makes you different. That what makes you win. Entrepreneurship is a hard road. You have to find something that sets you apart from everything continually. Don’t do what everyone else is doing instead, create your own path and venture down your own road. Be inspired, but never copy. Pride yourself on your own ideas and goals always and watch the profits begin to roll in. 

As blogged by Aicha A.

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